Members of Congress are not very content with the flow of information that reaches their ears concerning the pervasive surveillance activities of the United States intelligence apparatus.Following remarks from Senator Bob Corker that Congress often learns more from newspapers than their briefings on the National Security Agency and its cohorts, Rep. Amash blasted Congressional intelligence committees as complicit in hiding information, essentially "working with the executive branch against the interests of Congress."
At the close of the East Asia Summit, Myanmar’s president, Thein Sein, formally assumed responsibility for hosting the meeting a year from now.    
Next IT has been working on building natural language processing and artificial intelligence based virtual assistant systems for enterprise customers for years. Its tools are currently being used by major airlines and insurance companies to provide answers to their customers with voice and text-driven virtual assistants that can answer their questions. Today, after almost 12 years of working on these problems, it’s expanding into healthcare. Alme for Healthcare is a virtual assistant for patients that focuses on disease management and can respond to common patient and customer requests
A group of men believed to be former rebels seized Ali Zeidan, the prime minister, early Thursday from his Tripoli residence, days after American forces captured a Qaeda leader in the city.    
Amazon's AWS cloud services division has become one of the go-to places for startups looking for hosting and other services for their apps and other business. Today, Amazon redoubled its efforts to target new ones with the launch of AWS Activate, a bundle of services that offers startups, and the organizations that support them (think incubators and accelerators) support in the form of training, geniuses to help out with certain issues, a community forum -- as well as credits for AWS services and offers for third parties to expand the business those startups push to AWS.
The United Nations was charged in a lawsuit with gross negligence in Haiti’s cholera epidemic, and accused by an anticorruption organization of oversight lapses in its own peacekeeping operations.    
Dispop, the startup that allows businesses to crowdsource the design of their ads, has relaunched its platform with a big addition — the ability to actually run ad campaigns.Through the service, advertisers could already solicit submissions from multiple designers, then A/B test them to see which ones are the most effective. However, after the platform launched in June, founder and CEO Ayal Ebert said he discovered that larger advertisers want to keep their design in-house, so the new platform is focused on small and medium businesses.
Footage provided to the BBC by the Pakistani Taliban showed their leader, Hakimullah Mehsud, frolicking on a riverbank.