Airbnb's fight with local regulators in New York continues to heat up, as it was put under pressure to provide a large amount of user data to the Attorney General's office there. Today, the company fought back against those demands by filing a motion which it hopes will block that request.
The trial of Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi will begin on Nov. 4, authorities announced Wednesday, launching a politically charged prosecution of the country's first democratically elected leader on charges he incited the killing of opponents while in office — and taking the crackdown against the Islamist leader and his Muslim Brotherhood to a new level.    
Comcast and Twitter have just announced a wide-ranging strategic partnership that is designed to get users reading tweets about shows to start tuning in, if they aren't already. With the introduction of a new "See It" button that will appear in tweets about Comcast's shows, viewers will be able to quickly switch channels or set their DVR to record shows directly from their mobile device.
Why would an ancient Thracian people, the Getae, bury - 2,500 years ago - a chariot complete with horses standing upright? The discovery near the…    
Mozilla's HTML5-based open mobile platform Firefox OS, which bagged support from a raft of carriers at the start of this year, is gearing up to launch in more markets. New device hardware running FFOS is also incoming, Mozilla said today in a blog -- although it's not naming the forthcoming markets and devices at this point, noting only that new phones will run FFOS (1.1).
Britain and Iran announced they would each appoint a chargé d’affaires, a step below ambassador, to work toward resuming full diplomatic ties, including reopening embassies.    
The administration is expected to announce in the coming days that it will withhold a substantial portion of military aid in the wake of a deadly crackdown on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.    
Remember that leaked image of a curved display smartphone from Samsung? You should, considering it popped up under our noses just a few hours ago. Well, in case you don't, Samsung wants to remind you. The Korean firm has just sent out a press release announcing the Galaxy Round, "the world's first curved display smartphone."