Chun Wook-pyo escaped from North Korea last month, more than four decades after his abduction at sea.    
Days by Wander launched back in May with a very difficult mission: to change the way you think about photo-sharing. While some think that pictures of your feet or coffee are too mundane for photo-sharing to Instagram or Facebook, Days asked you to share as many photos as possible, mundane or otherwise. To help usher in this type of behavior, Days didn't allow photo imports, as they wanted users to share pictures the same way they take them, which is a lot. Today, however, the app is updating with a new feature: photo imports.
After just three months in the hospital, the first Polish full face transplantee was finally able to return home. Thirty-three year old Grezgorz was…    
The once relatively peaceful city of Herat is now embroiled in the violence that has bedeviled Afghanistan, underscored on Friday by a deadly attack on the United States Consulate.    
Technology makes it easy to turn the minutiae of our daily lives into useful data sets, but sometimes it feels bleak to see every experience or memory broken down into pie charts and bar graphs. mem:o is a unique visualization tool that takes life-logging beyond spreadsheets by transforming data into striking images influenced by Dutch graphic design. The iPad app is free for download and includes two boards, with the option of adding more boards via an in-app purchase.
Armed men in a Mexican state struggling to contain gang violence hacked to death a member of the state legislature with a machete while he was being interviewed by a journalist.    
Facebook launched its virtual currency Credits in June 2011 to simplify payments. In reality, Credits were a nightmare for international payments due to fluctuating exchange rates. But last night, the sun set on Credits and Facebook completed its transition to local currency payments. It will help developers make more money, smooth payments, and solidify Facebook as an international app platform.
For the first time since exoplanets, or planets around stars other than the sun, were discovered almost 20 years ago, X-ray observations have…