Pandora’s Spotify competitor is on its way. Announced this week at press event in New York, Pandora Premium, as the service is called, offers on-demand listening of millions of songs, streamed ad-free, and supports offline access to music. But the company is aiming to make personalization its biggest differentiator from rivals including Apple Music, Spotify and others. The new service… Read More
After an attack in Cairo that killed 25 people on Sunday, the Islamic State vowed to escalate its “war on polytheism,” a reference to Christianity.
Jürgen Kantner, who was abducted by Abu Sayyaf militants three months ago while traveling with his partner on a yacht, had been taken by kidnappers before.
 Carl Icahn, one of Apple’s biggest activist investors, told CNBC he has exited his position in the company. He was known for basically trying to pressure Apple into bumping up its efforts to return value to investors. At the he declared his position, Apple was in the process of a $100 billion several-year capital return program that included buybacks and dividends, but that… Read More
Critics see Saudi Arabia’s export of a rigid strain of Islam as contributing to terrorism, but the kingdom’s influence depends greatly on local conditions.
The committee recognized Mr. Santos “for his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end.”
Flung into the water, Muaz Mahmud said he saw his wife and child, who were out of his reach, drown along with hundreds of others who were also on board.
The national prominence of Jair Bolsonaro, a member of Congress, reflects a veering to the right and a growing dissatisfaction with the political establishment.