The president stressed that the country was Asia’s bastion of Roman Catholicism, which is steadfastly against same-sex marriage.
Zakia and Mohammad Ali, whose families oppose their union because they are from different sects, are seeking a new life in the United States.
Zeiss releases a premium Google cardboard product, Magic leap partners with Lucas Film to bring the star wars universe to life, Bitcoin Spikes pretty big this week and overall for the year, Microsoft buys wand labs, IBM Watson becomes the brains of a car called Olli. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
 One of America’s leading experts on the technology of government is Bill Eggers, the executive director of Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights.Eggers’ great observation, articulated in his new book Delivering on Digital, is that digital technology offers a unique opportunity for American government to reinvent itself. Yes, he acknowledges, the US government often… Read More
The ruling brings to a close a case that cast a spotlight on social inequality and the excesses of the financial sector in one of Asia’s richest cities.
Ban Ki-moon said he had not decided whether to seek the presidency of his country, but his remarks were the closest he has come to saying he might.
Many political analysts say Dilma Rousseff’s slow-motion downfall is tied to an autocratic persona and a go-it-alone work style that has driven away scores of political allies.
 The internet has become a lonely space, and consumers are hungry for something new. We don’t talk much anymore about new processors, video cards and faster dialup modems — at least not like we used to. The technology industry, specifically the internet, continues to become further standardized and isolating, which makes it harder for new players to get an edge. Read More