The attack, which injured 15 at a music festival in Ansbach, was the fourth high-profile assault in the country in a week.
 Forget Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — we need a trust-buster like Teddy Roosevelt, who in 1902 attacked the Northern Securities Company, a railroad holding company led by J.P. Morgan and James J. Hill. Consolidation in any market is expected, but AI is consolidating at such a rapid clip, at such an early stage and by so few companies that there are strong reasons to be concerned. Read More
Opponents of President Nicolás Maduro took to the streets of Caracas to protest the nation’s economic collapse and its government.
South Korean officials said that they had detected an “artificial” tremor emanating from North Korea on Friday morning.
Enthusiasm for President Yahya Jammeh’s rival has put into question the outcome of the country’s election and prompted fears of instability and violence.
 Startup accelerators have become an integral part of helping early-stage companies build, fund and bring to market new products and ideas. Recently, we’ve seen museums look to the models of accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces to bring together entrepreneurs, hackers and cultural practitioners in hopes of driving innovation and generating new ideas. Is this a fad or new trend? Read More
Chen Taihe was detained last July as part of a crackdown in which more than 200 rights lawyers and their associates were held.
Humanitarian commitments made to refugees must not be abandoned now.