At 22, Mr. Yamauchi became president of his family’s playing-card company and later steered it into the growing game business, developing hits like Donkey Kong and the original Mario Brothers franchises.    
Fresh polls show that Chancellor Angela Merkel may face challenges in building a winning coalition.    
Militant gunmen killed a senior police officer on Thursday when Egyptian security forces raided a bastion of Islamist support on the outskirts of Cairo.    
A draft legislation aimed at reform in the pension sector, does not address the core objectives of pension — “reducing uncertainty, vulnerability and poverty in old age,” expert says.    
Villagers in Diyala Province saw much death during the worst of Iraq’s carnage over the past decade, but they say what is happening now is far worse.    
Analysts said the release of 11 prominent prisoners was a significant step in President Hassan Rouhani’s efforts to repair Iran’s relationship with the West.    
To bolster his argument that Syrian rebels staged the chemical attack on Aug. 21, Russia’s top diplomat drew attention to an unusual source: a skeptical analysis of the online video evidence produced by a Lebanese nun who did not witness any part of the attack.    
Taliban gunmen shot and killed the head of an election commission Wednesday in northern Afghanistan, a day after he warned that deteriorating security threatened next year’s presidential vote.