With no backing from the Catholic Church, and no building permits, Justo Gallego, 91, has been building an extraordinary church since the 1960s.
 Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a new project, and it may just surprise you. Ballmer is these days mostly known for owning the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team and a significant Twitter stake, but this week he is taking the wraps off USAFacts, a website chock-full of data related to U.S. government spending. The idea is to present the facts around the government, and its use of… Read More
Moscow and its state-run news outlets are churning out fake and slanted reports to bolster favored politicians, just as in the U.S. last year, critics say.
 In 2008 I had the privilege to travel to Istanbul to check out the tech scene.  I’d arranged a tech startups meet-up with Arda Kutsal, a local blogger who’d started Webrazzi, a tech blog. I landed at the airport and caught a taxi to the hotel we’d agreed to meet at, thinking the meet-up would be in the bar. “No sir,” said the lady on reception, “your event… Read More
Voters in major cities tended to oppose the changes while those in rural areas, who tend to be more religious and conservative, voted in favor of them.
 One of the biggest tech concepts we take for granted today was essentially unheard of before Facebook launched its Platform ten years ago. While there were “social networks”, the rest of the web didn’t care much about who you were or who you were friends with. Read More
The Walled Off Hotel, opened by the British artist Banksy across an alley from the West Bank wall that separates Israelis from Palestinians, bears witness and whimsy.
 As part of the NewTech Meetup we will be holding a very cool pitch-off at the Oskar Blues The Oak Room at 1800 Pike Road in Longmont, CO. It’s on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 starting at 6:00pm. The pitch-off will happen at about 7:30pm. You can RSVP here.To apply to pitch please submit your info here. I will pick and contact eight companies to pitch for 2 minutes with 2 minutes of questions. Read More