Coupa was off to the races when it went public on Thursday. The “spend management” software company priced its IPO at $18 and saw its shares almost double during its first day of trading. With clients like Nike and Toyota, Coupa helps companies keep tabs on everyday expenditures and competes with divisions of Oracle and SAP. Founded a decade ago, they claim they’ve saved… Read More
 The slow progression of the sale of Yahoo to Verizon — first announced in July 2016 but delayed in part because of massive data breach disclosures — took one more step forward today. Yahoo has filed a lengthy 8-K update with the SEC with many details about the future management of Altaba — the investment holding company left behind after the sale containing its Alibaba… Read More
In Maiduguri, former fighters and child captives blend into the urban tapestry, a place where nearly everyone has been a victim, a collaborator — or both. is bringing some of the communal feeling of watching regular TV — you know, the sense that people are watching along with you – to the experience of streaming online videos. “Watching videos alone is boring,” argued CEO Kareem Rahma. The New York-based startup was previously known as NYC.TV, and it was supposed to recapture the “anything goes”… Read More
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the coup plotters would “pay a heavy price.” The prime minister said 265 people had been killed and more than 2,800 military personnel had been detained.
The disclosure appeared to be the latest sign of the Iranian leadership’s frustration over the deal, which has failed to yield significant economic benefits.
 There was one slide in Tim Cook’s keynote that probably made the watch industry potentates choke on their oysters St Jacques. It was a simply a clear comparison between Apple Watch sales and sales of traditional watch brands, both high and low. And it wasn’t good. At the bottom of the barrel was Japan’s Casio, makers of heavy-duty watches designed to take on tank treads and… Read More
Ranquel communities have emerged as patient champions of indigenous rights in a nation that is conflicted about the past and about the appropriate response now.