This flower pot is made with a new bioplastic Instead of oil, it is made with waste from the legume industry Vegetal proteins and fibers are extracted and mixed with biopolymer This eco-friendly mater
From Italy to Slovenia, European bioplastics research is booming and blooming.
The women of Bihar State, one of India’s poorest, have enthusiastically welcomed a strict prohibition law, and often take matters into their own hands.
 Ant Financial, the Alibaba affiliate company focused on financial services, appears to have finally won its battle with Euronet to acquire MoneyGram, the U.S.-based cross-border payments service, after it increased its bid to $1.2 billion. Read More
Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s advisers depict him as a kind of French Bernie Sanders, but with no strong party establishment to block his way.
 Facebook has issued a statement after a video showing a fatal shooting was uploaded onto the social media network by the alleged murderer. Cleveland Police say that Steve Stephens broadcast the killing of an unidentified elderly man on Facebook on Sunday evening and is the target of a manhunt as of this writing. Read More
Aya Hijazi, who founded a nonprofit to care for street children in Cairo, was accused of human trafficking in a case rights groups called “a travesty.”
 Whenever you watch a video, post a picture, or send a message, those bytes are analyzed and tallied by your internet provider. But what if some of those data-heavy services just didn’t count towards the cap? That’s what’s called “zero rating,” and while it sounds good in theory, it’s rather problematic in practice. How does it work, who does it, and why… Read More