Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and President Trump’s election “lead to uncertainties,” one researcher said.
The American secretary of state began his trip, which will also include stops in Seoul and Beijing, in a region where the most pressing threat is Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.
A bill to overhaul the legal system would set back human rights in Mexico by decades, experts fear, while another bill would legalize the military’s domestic security role.
Lawmakers across the political spectrum are scrambling to give themselves immunity on campaign finance violations, protections that could benefit even the president.
Voters turned out in record numbers, and rewarded right and center-right parties that had co-opted parts of Mr. Wilders’s message.
Voters in the Netherlands are heading to the polls to elect a 150-seat Parliament. Can the establishment hold?
Our correspondent Patrick Kingsley shares the story of a curious gift he received from Turkish diplomats that sets the tone for this tumultuous moment in the country’s civic life.
The vote Wednesday is a key gauge of whether, in a time of growing nationalism, once-strong barriers to the far right still stand on the Continent.