Restrictions on religious garments are allowed as long as they are applied to employees of all faiths, the European Court of Justice found.
Prosecutors have announced plans to question Ms. Park, who lost immunity from indictment when she was ousted as president last week.
Nationalists seem convinced that they would win a new referendum, thanks largely to Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.
A looming British exit from the European Union, talk of Scottish independence, a Dutch election and a spat with Turkey risk a further splintering of Europe.
Prime Minister Theresa May won her battle to start talks on Britain’s exit from the European Union, though the first minister of Scotland demanded a new referendum on Scottish independence.
The bloc said that a Turkish effort to strengthen the president’s powers might affect the country’s bid to join the European Union.
This week’s elections in the Netherlands will begin Europe’s year of political reckoning, as countries contend with waves of populism and anti-Muslim sentiment.
It appears that the Russian authorities, leaning on the work of a hacker, grafted an intelligence operation onto a far-reaching cybercriminal scheme.