Big innovations come in unexpected bursts. We grow accustomed to life and work as we know it, until something apparently simple brings about bold change. For example, we used phones for 100 years, but making them mobile transformed the world. When individual creativity is enhanced by technical ingenuity, new behaviors and capabilities emerge. Read More
 The future of mobile messaging is pointing towards serves, but don’t assume that only applies to digital offerings like money transfers and shopping. Japan’s Line, one of the world’s most used chat apps, has just made a move into on-demand services. Read More
 Leslie Jones, the star of the new “Ghostbusters” reboot and a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” announced she was leaving Twitter after trolls bombarded her with racist comments.“I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart,” Jones tweeted before going silent on her account, where she’d spent the last several days battling trolls. Read More
A complaint filed by a prosecutor who later died in mysterious circumstances accused the former president of derailing an inquiry into a 1994 bombing.
 It’s been a while since we checked in with Toymail, the kids messaging startup that piloted its first product on Kickstarter back in fall 2013. Its idea was to turn Wi-Fi-enabled toys into a screen-less connectivity medium that let parents send voice messages to their kids via a companion smartphone app. Read More
 For those with South by FOMO or who want to relive past week glories, we present to you images of this year’s SXSW festivities in Austin, Texas. Flip through the fun. You might even find yourself or a friend in there somewhere. Read More
The families of 43 kidnapped college students continue to lobby the government for justice — accompanied by students who lived through the 2014 attack.
 On the back of news that Twitter is trimming nine percent of its staff with layoffs, the microblogging company is also losing the head of its business in India. Read More