The Turkish incursion into Syria has buoyed the groups under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, but those fighters are under no illusions that their new allies support their revolution.
The country’s largest rebel group and the government said they had finally come to an agreement to end a conflict that had lasted 52 years and claimed some 220,000 lives.
Many Saudis see the passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, overriding President Obama’s veto, as irreparable damage to a long relationship.
Presidents, prime ministers and a prince accepted invitations to the funeral on Friday for Mr. Peres, one of the country’s elder statesmen.
Ed Miliband, leader of the opposition Labour Party, began his campaign on Friday to become Britain’s next prime minister.
At least one person was killed and dozens were wounded during an event on the holy day of Ashura.
The opportunity for Greece to submit the proposals was one of the few concrete concessions it won in an accord reached with its creditors late on Friday in Brussels.
Senior U.S., Russian and U.N. diplomats met to build momentum for peace talks, despite rifts within the Syrian opposition and other states in the region.