President Trump, who has frequently expressed his admiration of the Russian leader, appeared to equate Mr. Putin’s actions with those of the United States.
The leaders of Britain, Mexico, Japan, Canada and even Australia have been burned after what seemed like friendly interactions, causing political troubles.
 Disney has cut ties with YouTube’s most popular star after he posted a series of videos featuring anti-Semitic clips and messages. PewDiePie has 53 million subscribers on YouTube, is part of original content network YouTube Red, and is affiliated with Disney’s MakerStudios brand, where he has his own network. But that latter relationship is now over after the Wall Street… Read More
Jürgen Kantner, who was abducted by Abu Sayyaf militants three months ago while traveling with his partner on a yacht, had been taken by kidnappers before.
 Twitter and other tech companies, including Netflix, Salesforce, Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb and AppNexus, plan to file an amicus brief tonight voicing opposition to President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The filing, first reported by Bloomberg, follows a week of outspoken comments from tech industry leaders against the immigration order which barred refugees from entering the… Read More
With tensions between the rivals increasing, American strategists worry that operations at the Pentagon’s Camp Lemonnier will be observed once China completes its military port.
 Startup life is tough and hectic. You’re busy. We get it. That’s why we extended the Startup Battlefield Applications for TechCrunch Disrupt New York. You now have until February 28th at 12pm PT to get your startup application in. Apply now! Why apply? Well, the numbers are in and they speak for themselves. As of January 2017, the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield companies have… Read More
Silence in the capitals of some Muslim-majority countries unaffected by the order reflected a lack of solidarity and an enduring uncertainty about Mr. Trump’s intentions.