President Bashar al-Assad’s willingness to use chemical weapons is driven by his own grim strategy, but also by the fundamental nature of the Syrian conflict.
A rare challenge by a well-known historian shows the renewed debate over China’s longstanding patronage of its unpredictable neighbor.
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“Reconciliation villages” place homes for those convicted of carrying out the violence alongside those who suffered at their hands.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hopes Turks will vote “yes” on his plan to overhaul the government and grant sweeping powers to the presidency.
 Fresh from raising $90 million from investors in March, Iflix, a Netflix-like service for emerging markets, has announced its first slate of original content. The Malaysia-headquartered business claims five million registered users across 10 countries — it recently branched out into Africa and the Middle East — for its service which costs around $3 per month. Beyond cheaper… Read More
 Amazon will shut down and the other websites operated by its Quidsi division, the company confirmed to Bloomberg today, citing the division’s lack of profitability as the reason behind the decision. Quidsi’s acquisition by Amazon for $545 million was announced back in November 2010, and included the flagship brand, as well as the other one to two-word… Read More
Voters in major cities tended to oppose the changes while those in rural areas, who tend to be more religious and conservative, voted in favor of them.