“Reconciliation villages” place homes for those convicted of carrying out the violence alongside those who suffered at their hands.
Photographs and video show the devastation to a city and its people after rushing waters and mud claimed the lives of hundreds on Saturday.
The police said the demonstrators were trying to “agitate people” against an expansion of presidential powers, a lawyer for one of the detainees said.
Paola Clemente, 49, died in 2015 of a heart attack at a vineyard. An investigation found female laborers were routinely exploited and their pay skimmed.
Voters in major cities tended to oppose the changes while those in rural areas, who tend to be more religious and conservative, voted in favor of them.
Boris V. Shekhtman, who taught Russian to many budding Moscow correspondents, “looked uncannily like the bad guy in ‘Rocky and His Friends’ and ‘The Bullwinkle Show.’ We were immediately captivated.”
A rare challenge by a well-known historian shows the renewed debate over China’s longstanding patronage of its unpredictable neighbor.
President Bashar al-Assad’s willingness to use chemical weapons is driven by his own grim strategy, but also by the fundamental nature of the Syrian conflict.