It’s the beginning of the end for smartphone apps as we have known and tapped on them, reckons Gartner. The analyst is calling the start of a “post-apps” era, based on changes in consumer interactions that appear driven, in large part, by the rise of dominant messaging platforms designed to consume more and more of mobile users’ time and attention. Read More
 In the startup world, opening a real-world, physical store can seem a bit quaint. Who wants to deal with the sky-high rents charged in prime, urban locations, not to mention getting locked into a long-term lease? Well, a Y Combinator-backed company called Bulletin is looking to offer a more flexible experience for brands who want to sell their products in brick-and-mortar stores — COO… Read More
 Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sent a memo to employees today following allegations of sexual harassment from former Uber engineer Susan Fowler. In the memo, obtained by TechCrunch, Kalanick said the company has tapped former US Attorney General Eric Holder and Tammy Albarran, partners at law firm Covington & Burling, to independently investigate the workplace issues Fowler spoke about in her… Read More
Samsung’s vice chairman is arrested on bribery charges, Beepi closes down and sells off its operations and reports show that Theranos might be winding down. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
 This week, Uber has taken steps to let employees — and the broader world — know that it plans to address its cultural failings as a company. Read More
Protests and funerals dominate the day after more than 80 people were killed, with demonstrators faulting the government amid a string of attacks.
The Great Zimbabwe, the ruined city in Zimbabwe once used to justify white domination, is now a focus of the ZANU-PF party’s efforts to retain power.
The Malaysian police said the substance, listed as a chemical weapon, had been identified from samples taken from the skin and eye of the North Korean leader’s estranged half brother.