If you want to cure all disease and educate everyone, you’re going to need the government’s help, even if you’re as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. Today, he and his wife Priscilla’s philanthropic vehicle the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announced it’s hired away Uber’s chief advisor and former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe to lead its policy and advocacy team. Read More
As funerals were held for victims of a truck attack Sunday in Jerusalem, Israelis remained divided over a soldier’s conviction for killing a wounded and incapacitated Palestinian terrorist.
President Tsai Ing-wen is in the region to shore up some of Taiwan’s formal diplomatic relationships as it faces rising pressure from China.
 In a world economy with slow growth and increased uncertainty, policymakers have had two sources for hope — the tech industry and low interest rates. Could it be these goals are at odds? Read More
The top cleric was interred in the tomb of his confidant, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, as protesters cursed Russia and hailed Iran’s reformist heroes.
Thomas Williams, a former priest, gives an organization that sees itself as an expanding empire a foothold in the home of the Crusades.
 Nintendo continues to roll out Switch details. A lot of questions remain, but the company released the first game trailers. And boy do they look good. Watch the first set here. Read More
 Twitter will be streaming Donald Trump’s inauguration for the top political job in the U.S. starting at 11 AM ET on Friday, January 20 in partnership with PBS NewsHour. The feed will be available on Twitter apps, and at inauguration.twitter.com. Trump’s official office-taking event has been the subject of a lot of attention in the lead-up to the day, since the Trump administration… Read More