Best Film Institute In India which is promoted by filmmaker Subhash ghai. Whistling woods provides world class education in all aspects of film making
HOW A WELL-DESIGNED UI MAKES MOBILE APPS TRENDY : Even before businesses started realising en masse the essential nature of having some kind of a mobile app their arsenal of tools with which to connect to target audiences, there was already hundreds of thousands of apps available in the App Store. Now, this figure is snowballing at an ever faster pace. So how do you differentiate your mobile business app from everyone else’s in such a busy market? One of the best ways to do this is to gain leverage with a cunningly-created user interface (UI) to develop a trendy app which captivates an audien
Challa eye care hospitals have a modern contact lens clinic capable of dispensing all types of contact lenses for all regular cases and some complicated cases and this is the only centre where entire operation theatre is visible through a sealed glass for visitors to see the Lasik laser eye surgery.
Challa Eye Care Cataract Surgery Centre is most modern with cutting edge technology and this is an organisation commited to quality eye care that brings the best. It have a sophisticated out patient setup to do regular ophthalmic check-ups & dispense glasses through a state of the art optical outlet.
WWI is the best MBA College and Institute promoted by Filmmaker Subhash Ghai & Mukta Arts Limited.WWI School of Communication offers two years PG/MBA, three years UG/BBA courses.
WWI School of Mass Media & Communication and Media Management is the new age media & communication institute which conducts a two year long Post Graduate/MBA course and a three year long Under Graduate/BBA course in Media, Communication & Entertainment Management
Whistling Woods International School Of Communication offers best courses in MBA in Media and Entertainment, BBA and Executive MBA (EMBA).
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