When the next WWE toy arrives: Toddler Girl Toys

The WWE is gearing up to release a new wrestling toy line in 2017 that will bring fans a brand new look for their favorite WWE stars, including the first female-led wrestling toy.

The new line, which will include “Babyface” dolls and a new babyface character called Babyface, will be available at retailers nationwide and in the WWE’s Toys R Us stores and online.

The brand-new wrestling toy will come with a series of WWE “toys” including a set of Babyface wrestling doll, a Babyface pinball machine, and an action figure of Babyhead.

In addition, fans will be able to “play” with Babyface dolls with a “baby face button” or play with a Babyhead doll with a different face.

The new WWE toy line will include Babyface characters, a new Babyface doll, and a Baby Face pinball.

The WWE said the new line will be launching on February 28.

The company also said fans will also be able “play with Babyhead dolls” with a button on the doll’s chest.

A “Babyhead button” will allow fans to “pull on the Babyhead pinball,” WWE announced.

The babyface doll will also have a different outfit than the babyface dolls, including a different shirt, and will also come with Baby Face action figure, a set with babyface accessories and a set without the baby face buttons.

The WWE announced the line was named for the WWE stars who were on the show from 1999 to 2014.

Babyface is one of the stars who debuted on the WWE Network in 2016, but was removed from the show in 2019.

The company announced the new toys line will release on February 24, but fans can get a taste of the brand-spankin’ new wrestling toys on Feb. 28 by purchasing them in the Toys R U stores and in WWE’s WWE merchandise store.

The “BabyFace” doll is priced at $22.99 and the “Baby Face pinballs” are $17.99.

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