Baby Yoda toys and baby dolls for sale in China

As part of a $1.3 billion deal announced by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on Thursday, the internet giant said it is now selling baby and toddler Yoda dolls in China for around $200 (£124) each.

“Baby Yoda is the most popular baby doll in the world.

It’s one of the best-selling toys of all time,” Alibaba chief executive Jack Ma said at a press conference on Thursday.”

We believe in creating an environment where we can sell the world’s best toys for under $200.”

Alibaba said it had been able to offer the Yoda doll for sale since May 10, when it opened a retail store in Shanghai.

The dolls, which are made of translucent plastic and come with a series of hands and feet, feature a variety of facial expressions, including smiling, sad, and laughing.

“These dolls are made to last and last and will not be easily replaced,” Ma said.

“They’re a little like the best oldies.

You can still find them in stores in China and around the world.”

The company’s other baby and doll offerings include the “Wings of Hope” set, which has a variety to choose from including “the smiling face, the smiling face with big eyes, the happy face with a big smile, the scared face with an angry face and the scared-face with an annoyed face”, according to the product page.

There is also the “Kiwi Baby”, a baby-sized doll that comes with a red bow, red bow tie and red bow with a bow and a red scarf.

Alibaba is also selling the “Baby Princess” set for $200.

“Baby princess is a beautiful princess that will have a sweet face and smile, and her eyes will be sparkling red.

You’ll want to bring her with you to all the birthday parties,” the product description reads.

The company has been aggressively courting overseas markets, with plans to open a store in London this month.

The deal comes as Alibaba seeks to make a splash in the home market, which is home to more than three-quarters of its global revenue.

“Alibaba has been trying to take over the home appliance space for a long time and we are very excited to see how it all plays out,” said Nick Colas, senior vice president at retail consultancy Gartner.

“I’m hoping we see a lot more Alibaba products in the next year or so.”

It will be interesting to see whether they can actually pull it off.

It looks like the deal with Alibaba is the first step in that direction.

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