A fox terry’s pet toy has become a ‘big hit’ in the US

Toys and crafts are big business in America, but it is a big hit in Japan.

A new toy from the Japanese toy giant, Toy Fox, has become an instant hit in the United States, where it has sold over $1.5 million in just 24 hours.

Toy Fox is an animal rescue dog, who has been featured in an episode of the popular anime show, My Hero Academia.

The toy, which has a dog face, features a fox terrey, with the fox on top of its head.

It is the first Japanese toy to hit the US market in nearly five years, and the company has been inundated with requests for toys since it was released.

Toyfox CEO Yoshihide Nakai said that the toy was a “game changer” and was one of the best sales of the year.

“We are very grateful to the Japanese people, who have embraced our toy, as well as all of the amazing people who have helped make it happen,” Nakai told the Associated Press.

He said the company had received over 500,000 requests for the toy since it launched in March, which is a record for the company.

In a video interview, Nakai also talked about the success of the toy, saying the toy “changed the way we look at pets”.

“It’s really a game changer.

It changed our outlook on pets,” he said.

The dog-shaped fox was created with a combination of clay and silicone.

The fox terriers are a family pet, and are a favourite with Japanese parents.

ToyFox is a toy company with over 40 brands, including toys, housewares and even children’s toys.

“Toyfox is a world-class company, that’s what sets us apart,” Nakayas boss, Tomomi Takahashi, told the AP.

“There’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned, old school toy.”

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