New Elmo toys have a male sex toy with a female name

Updated February 20, 2018 10:20:16 Elmo is back, and he’s brought with him a new toy.

The toy, dubbed the Elmo Pro, is a sex toy made by toy company Toybox, and features a female Elmo with a male Elmo logo on her body.

It’s a limited-edition product that will be available at the company’s website and online retail stores for $299.99, with a $15 shipping fee.

This is an Elmo exclusive, as it’s only available in the US.

The Elmo’s new name, the Elo, is also a reference to the character from the show Elmo & Pootie Pig.

Elmo will be released in August.

The name is a play on “Elmo’s,” the name of a female character from Elmo, and “pootie pig,” a reference that refers to the male version of the character.

It was also released on the Toys R Us site.

Elo will be sold only in the United States, but in other countries, it will also be available as a standalone toy.

Toybox said that it wanted to create a “feminine” version of Elmo to promote female characters.

The company said that the name “is a nod to the female-dominated industry.”

The Elo Pro features a small hole in the base that allows for the use of silicone or silicone-filled silicone toys.

There are two different Elo models, a large and a smaller.

The bigger model will have a removable silicone sleeve, which Toybox says will make the toy easier to insert.

The new Elo comes with two different colors: pink and blue.

It comes with a silicone sleeve that allows the user to insert a silicone toy.

It has a silicone insertable base, which is a very small base.

It also has a “piggyback” design, which lets you insert the toy inside of the Eloo and put it in the Eloof position.

The silicone sleeve has an insertable hole that is “about the size of a golf ball,” Toybox noted.

The base is a bit more bulky, with the base covering the Eloop, and a silicone base to hold the Elao and Elo Pros together.

The main body of the toy is a silicone ring, which will be used to hold your Elmo or Elmo Pros together and to allow them to attach to each other.

The back of the base has a small silicone ring that you can attach a silicone silicone toy to, and the bottom of the silicone ring is a slot for a silicone-covered Elo accessory.

Elos are available in pink, blue, black, purple, yellow, and red.

The price is $299 for the Elio Pro and $399 for the smaller Elo.

There is a separate Eloo Pro, which includes a silicone cover for the base, a silicone strip for the ring, and silicone insert to hold it together.

Elroos will be a $200 add-on that will include a removable base and a removable sleeve.

Toy Box also unveiled a few more toys for the new Elmo: a purple-colored version of a pink Elo that includes a removable, silicone sleeve for Elo’s.

And a purple Elo with a “girl” logo on its back will also include a silicone strap for Elmo.

The purple Eloo comes with the same removable silicone ring and silicone sleeve as the pink Elio, and it also comes with “girl-friendly” Elo accessories like a “boy-friendly insertable” that can be used with a Velcro strap or Velcro-type hooks to attach the Elos to each others’ bodies.

The pink Eloo will be $300.

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