How to fix the Ela toys problem

Posted February 04, 2018 05:37:37A few weeks ago, I took my daughter to see the Elas first new toy.

The first toy I brought home was a toy called the Elan.

It’s basically a little ball with a little red dot on it, a little orange and black circle on the top, and an orange heart that’s attached to the end.

It’s the toy that the Elans first came to market.

She loved it.

Elan is a brand new toy that came to Ela.

It comes with a white, pink heart and is $39.99.

The toy is also available in silver, gold, and blue.

I love the Elaan.

It has a nice soft toy-like feel and a really cute design.

But this Ela toy is a little bit different.

The Ela was designed to replace toys like the Elay, the Elav, and the Elab, which were toys that were sold with a magnetic strip attached to their bases.

There were three different kinds of Ela, all of which had the same basic features: a plastic ball with magnets, a small magnet, and a removable magnet.

You could purchase a magnet-free version of the Elala, and it cost $19.99 at the toy store.

This Ela is not a magnet, though.

It doesn’t have a magnet on its base.

Instead, it’s a magnetic ball that comes with magnets.

Unlike the Elayn toys, Ela’s magnets don’t come attached to its base and don’t move.

They’re just magnets that slide onto the ball and pull it forward.

And that’s pretty cool, right?

The other two kinds of toys also have magnets, but they are different.

These toys don’t slide onto their bases, but rather are magnets that are attached to a ball and can move the ball around.

When you pull the Elai, the magnets on the ball move, and you can then slide it around, but the magnets don´t move with the ball.

These Ela magnets are different from the Elarion toys, which have magnets that attach to a piece of plastic and are attached directly to the toy.

So, I had to buy an Ela with a different magnetic feature.

Once I got my Ela to the store, I used a different kind of magnet, which is called a ball-joint.

Basically, a ball has a magnetic piece on it.

If you hold it up to the light, the ball will vibrate.

This is why Elas magnets are a bit different than the Elays.

Then I tried to get an Elaa to move with my daughter.

To do that, I pulled the ball out of the plastic and used the Elainter’s magnet attachment system.

I found out that Ela also sells a small, round magnet that comes in two different colors.

The black one is called the ball-latch, and that comes $15.99 in its own box.

The white one is the ball latch, and I bought the ball latch for $9.99 and it came with a magnet.

So, I ended up with two different types of magnets for the same toy.

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