The dinosaur toys that inspire Jurassic Park movies

SOUNDBITE: A few dozen young children playing in a backyard in the village of Zalambu, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) northeast of Krakow, Poland.

A boy with a wooden stick is using it to try to make a nest on a tree stump.

The child is in awe of the toys that he is making, and the kids around him are impressed too.

This kid is one of the children in the Zalamba school.

It is a school for young children with special needs.

He says he likes to play with the dinosaurs, and he wants to build a nest for his friends to build.

This is a real nest.

This one is made of wood, and is bigger than a car.

I want to be able to put a nest here and not feel like a kid, he says.

The kids are very interested.

The boy has a wooden toy that he has to try and make a tree with.

It’s made out of a piece of wood and the boy is trying to put it on a stump.

This little guy wants to have a little nest in this woods, he adds.

The village of Krapina, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Zagreb, Poland, is about 30 miles (50 kilometers) away from Zalombi, where the boy lives.

He uses his toys to make the nests of his friends.

He is so proud of them, he tells The Washington Times.

He also says that he loves the dinosaurs.

He plays with the toys to show his friends that he can do the same thing.

I love the dinosaurs and I want them to be my friends, he said.

Krapinas children’s center has been in the family for generations.

Its founder, Jani Wojcik, said she was amazed by the children’s interest in dinosaurs.

It was a great surprise for us.

Krakowa was the birthplace of Polish dinosaur lore, and its main attraction is the park’s Tyrannosaurus Rex, a prehistoric creature of immense size and strength.

It lived about 80 million years ago and was the subject of many myths.

Krasnycie, which means “dinosaur village,” is a part of the Krapinowiec region in eastern Poland.

It also is the home of the Polish Museum of Natural History, which has a collection of more than 500 dinosaurs.

The museum opened in 2015.

One of its exhibits is a glass slide showing the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex and a dinosaur that lived in the same area at the same time.

The glass slide is a reconstruction of the bones and shows the skeleton in the exact same position in the original slide.

It has been used for several years in classrooms and other educational institutions.

The Zalambas school is a special education school, which specializes in learning disabilities and special needs children.

It began in 2011.

A few years ago, the Zalgadschools of Science, Technology, and Education was founded in Krakowska.

It offers kindergarten through 12th grade in four different areas.

It opened a new building in 2016 and opened a second building in 2018.

Zalgadziński School for Special Education opened in 2020.

The school teaches students from a variety of special needs schools.

The youngest in the class is 12 and is the only one who is deaf.

The children are taught to communicate with their parents, but they are also taught to learn to communicate independently, according to the school.

The staff also teaches them how to understand social cues and to understand the importance of social interactions in a classroom setting, the school said.

The school’s principal, Krysztof Ryszard, said that the students who come to the special education program at the school are the most engaged learners.

The students who attend Zalgadańs school have an overall high level of literacy, and are also the best in their class, he added.

The school teaches the children how to solve problems by thinking in a logical way and to work collaboratively, Rysszard said.

In the school, teachers give children information on how to improve their reading and writing skills.

The kindergarten through 6th grades in the school have been in operation since 2015, and they teach children the basics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

They also teach about the history of science and technology, which is the foundation of modern medicine, and also about the importance and importance of diversity, which makes us stronger, Ricszard told The Washington Report.

The curriculum also teaches about the effects of climate change on society.

The pupils study different topics, such as the role of religion in our lives and the relationship between technology and society.

Ryssań, who works in the educational department, said he is thrilled to have his school become a destination for special education students.

He said that he feels that it is important for a school to be accessible to

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