Which toys are best to buy for your gay friends?

Happy meal toys can be just as hot as the real deal, according to the toys section of the popular Amazon store.

Happy Meal, the maker of Lightning McQueen toys, has announced it will offer its popular Lightning McQueen toys in the United States, the first time the company has ever done so.

The toys were first introduced in the UK in 2009, but are still considered by many to be the best gay sex toys available, according the company.

“Our Lightning McQuesens are great for couples and friends because they allow you to get to know your partner in a safe, fun way,” the company said in a statement.

“We want to help make your gay sex life even more fun, so we’re excited to bring Lightning Mcqueen to America.”

According to Happy Meal’s site, Lightning McQueueens can be worn in both positions, but some toys, including the Lightning McQuackles and the Lightning De-Quackle, allow both men and women to wear them.

Happy Food is the first major toy maker to offer these toys in a major US market.

The company has made Lightning Mcqueens available in Japan as well, but only for customers with Japanese credit cards, and not in the U.S. Happy Meals are currently sold in Japan at an introductory price of $69.99, which is not cheap.

In addition to the US launch, Happy Meal also announced that it will release a limited edition Lightning Mc Queen, the company’s first gay sex toy, in Japan.

Happy Dinner, a new line of toys, was launched last month, with a $79.99 price tag, which will be available at retailers in the US starting today.

Happy Desserts is another new line, which includes a Lightning Mc Quesen, a Lightning De Queue, a Happy Dine, and a Happy Fudge, each priced at $69 each.

The company has also started a partnership with the popular toy store The Good Life, which was able to get the toys to customers in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Happy Meal also has a partnership that allows customers to buy the Lightning Quesens and Lightning De Queses for free through the site, as well as the Lightning Macquackles, which have a price tag of $59 each.

Happy Dinner is also available in Canada at a $14.99 introductory price.

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