How to Stop Biting on the Toy Bunny

Biting toy rabbits isn’t exactly the only thing you can do to your rabbit.

As adorable as they are, rabbits have a nasty habit of nibbling on every object that comes into their path, including toys, clothing, and even people.

But if you’re a little bit squeamish about it, there are some pretty effective ways to avoid getting bitten.1.

You’ll want to get the heck out of there before your rabbit gets a chance to bite you.

You could wait a few minutes, then go back in to your house, but you won’t have to wait long.

Most rabbits will be more than happy to nibble right through the door or window.2.

Don’t let your rabbit sit on your bed or couch.

This is a good one.

If you don’t have any furniture nearby, your rabbit will likely jump on it and chew on it as he gets the hang of it.

That’s probably not the kind of behavior that you want to be doing in your home.3.

Keep a close eye on your rabbit’s movements.

The best thing you could do is just watch him and make sure he’s not chewing on your carpet.

If he does chew on your rug or furniture, he’s likely nibbling at the rabbit’s sensitive teeth.4.

If your rabbit chews on your pillowcase, don’t freak out.

Rabbits love to eat things that are hard to chew.

If that pillowcase is soft, they’ll chew on the fibers.

That won’t do much to stop your rabbit from chewing on it, and you can always brush it off with some cotton wool or something softer.5.

If it’s too close, don’st try to break it.

If the rabbit chewed on your couch cushions or furniture or pillowcase for a while, the fur on the fur of your rabbit might be too soft to break.

You can try gently pushing it away with your bare hand, but be careful not to puncture it.6.

Use a rabbit collar if your rabbit is chewing on something too hard.

It’ll prevent him from biting on your arm or leg and, if you don, it can be really helpful to use a collar on your bunny to prevent him or her from biting.

It’s also a good idea to have a few small toy rabbit-sized toys nearby for him to chew on as well.7.

If there’s a lot of fur on your furniture, get rid of it quickly.

Rabbies love to chew furniture and other materials that are too hard to move.

If a rabbit chew into a pillow or a piece of furniture, it’ll chew away at the fur underneath and can damage your furniture.

Rabbids love to bite furniture and clothing too, and so it’s a good thing to have an easy way to remove it from your home when it’s chewing.8.

Use some extra fabric to make a rug.

Rabbins will usually chew on wool, so you’ll probably want to use some extra yarn to make an extra rug for them to chew through.

If they don’t get the hang.9.

If possible, let your rabbits out of the house while they’re young.

Rabbines are much more social when they’re babies, and that means they’ll get bored easily.

If something is in the way of their progress toward adulthood, they might try to bite at it.

A bunny-friendly house will allow them to learn how to get their way and avoid biting on things that aren’t in their way.

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