Galactic toys story: A galaxy of toys

It’s a pretty good place to start.

The toys store in Santa Cruz, California, has been selling a collection of Star Wars, Transformers and LEGO toys for nearly a decade, but last month the store started selling other Star Wars products.

The collection includes Darth Vader’s lightsaber, a Darth Vader helmet, Darth Vader gloves, Darth Maul’s lightsaber and a Vader helmet.

That’s a lot of stuff.

So what’s the secret to this phenomenon?

First of all, they’re all in plastic.

You can’t buy a lot on eBay without it having a plastic backing.

And that’s what makes the line so special.

It’s not like a bunch of toys just come out of the box and there’s nothing special about them.

So the collection has been a hit.

It was also the biggest sale at the store ever.

The original lineup, which includes the original Star Wars sets, was in stock for a week before the store opened its doors.

Now it’s been sitting at a respectable 40 percent for the last two weeks, according to its Twitter account.

And the store is getting a little bit of love on Twitter, too.

People are liking the collection so much that they’re starting to send their own items.

There are so many Star Wars fans out there that they have to buy something from the store to keep their attention.

The shop also has a few surprises in store for Star Wars devotees.

First, it’s selling the “Empire Strikes Back” T-shirts.

That includes one shirt featuring Darth Vader with a mask and a helmet and the other featuring Han Solo with a lightsaber.

That one looks cool, too, even if it’s just for show.

Another line is selling the original original 1977 Star Wars movie poster that had the character Luke Skywalker wearing the mask of Han Solo.

“The one that is going to be the most popular at the moment is the poster that shows the lightsaber being held by Luke Skywalker,” said Chris Brown, who works at the Santa Cruz store and helped create the collection.

“It’s going to come out with a new image on it, with the lightsaber in his hand, and it’s going for $200.

It’ll be available for people to buy.”

The original poster is also available, though Brown said the shop is limited on how many are left in stock.

“There’s not a lot left,” he said.

“If there’s enough, we’ll sell out.”

The collection was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original trilogy, but it has become something of a hit among fans of all ages.

People have even started making toys out of it.

“This is something that I think a lot more people will find interesting than just the Star Wars stuff,” said Brown.

“You can find all kinds of cool stuff with it.”

And there’s plenty of Star Trek fans that aren’t Star Wars aficionados, too — even if they’re just curious to see what’s in the new movie.

The Star Trek toy store has been receiving some positive feedback from fans, and Brown said he’s getting a lot in return for his effort.

“People have come in to ask for more stuff,” he added.

“I think a little of it is just for us to be a little more accessible and a little less intimidating for people.”

The store’s stock is also expanding, so now it has a lot to offer if you’re looking to buy a Star Trek set.

“We have some Star Trek sets that are being sold,” Brown said.

The company is also selling a bunch more Star Wars merchandise.

“A lot of it’s new, like the new toys and the original toys,” he explained.

“But it’s also all the original merchandise.

And it’s really nice to have that variety.”

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