How to Survive Your Octonauts’ Halloween Trip to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A few months after the first Star Wars movie hit theaters, Star Wars fans across the country began getting a glimpse of the creatures of the night, the mysterious Octonaut, and the dark side of the Force.

After spending a couple weeks in Star Wars-themed stores across the United States, I had the opportunity to visit Disney California Adventure’s Toy Story Land, one of the world’s largest toy and movie attractions, and spend time with the crew of a ship that I won’t name, The Octonut.

The story of the Octonuts begins in a cave.

The cave is home to a group of Octonets who live on a planet called Arrakis.

When the Octons arrive on Arrakia, they encounter a mysterious creature called the Lightsworn, who has taken control of the planet.

With the Lightsword in hand, the Octronut heads out into the desert to face off against the Light Sworn.

The story begins when the Octonts meet a group called the Gungans, who are searching for the legendary Octon-weapon, which has the ability to transform a person into a powerful warrior.

In an effort to prevent this power from falling into the wrong hands, the Gullans have created an elaborate plan to destroy the weapon and prevent its return.

The Gungan ship, the Turtuk, has been destroyed, and its crew have been imprisoned in the planet’s underground caverns.

Meanwhile, the LightSWORN has escaped into the cave and, having escaped from the Gunkan prison, has begun searching for his missing friend, the Darksworn.

During my time with The Octontuts, I learned that the Gunchans are after the Octorock, a mystical object that is said to grant the user the ability of transforming their body into a different form.

The Octorocks have been called “The First Octonun”, and it was revealed during the first film that this weapon is used to transform into the shape of the DarkSworn, but it is unclear what happens when the wielder transforms into the Darkwraith, a mythical creature.

As the LightSworn continues to search for his friend, he meets a group named the Dauntless, led by the mysterious Queen.

Throughout the movie, the story continues to take place in the caverns beneath the Tundra, a place where the Octenauts are imprisoned.

My favorite part of the movie was the battle between the Light and the Dark Sworns, who fight it out in the deep, dark caves beneath the world.

I remember my favorite scene in the movie where we finally saw the DarkWraith and it’s leader, Darth Vader, who we met at the end of The Force Unleashed.

The movie also showed us the final showdown between the two Darksworns and Darth Vader.

What did you think of the story of The Octons?

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