How to get your first LEGO brick and mortar toy

How to make a LEGO brick with the right fit for your own children article LEGO bricks are so popular these days.

They’re fun to build, they’re easy to store and they’re really cool to look at.

The Lego franchise is a global phenomenon, with the brand selling millions of bricks to millions of fans around the world.

But there’s one thing you need to be sure of when it comes to LEGO bricks: They can’t be used as a toilet.

According to the National Health Service, up to 20% of the world’s population use toilet paper to wipe down their hands.

In other words, they use the toilet to relieve themselves.

And when they don’t, their hands can get a little bit dirty.

So if you’re looking for something to help you wash your hands, you may want to consider a LEGO box.

Here’s how to get one, and what you need for it. 1.

Make sure your hands are clean The first step in getting a LEGO toy is to ensure that you have the right toys.

If you’re not sure, ask your local toy store about what kinds of toys are allowed in their store.

They’ll probably say something along the lines of, “This toy is for people with very dry hands.”

So what you’ll need to get started is a piece of toilet paper.

When it comes down to it, toilet paper is a great way to wipe your hands.

It’s soft, not sticky, and will easily wash your fingers and arms, leaving no traces of your hand.

You can find toilet paper at any store or online, and the type of toilet you need will depend on how wet your hands will get.

The following brands are recommended: Kleenex, Gildan, Nivea, Nautilus, G.L. Pease, Noodler’s, and Nestle.


Make a template LEGO blocks are actually two different types of bricks.

There are two types of LEGO bricks, a regular and a special.

The regular bricks are the kind that people usually buy for their houses and apartment buildings, while the special bricks are made for the kitchen.

The special bricks usually have an extra feature called a hinge, which allows them to be attached to furniture.

For example, the Gild, a special Lego brick, is made with a hinge that allows the special Lego bricks to be added to a kitchen table.

You’ll also need to make your own template of the standard Lego bricks.

This is done by cutting out the standard and special Lego blocks.

Then, take your template and cut out the special LEGO bricks using a small sharp knife.

This will make it easy to mark the parts and glue them together, allowing you to make them fit the template.


Prepare the Lego bricks Once you’ve cut out your template, you’ll want to prepare a little piece of plastic that will hold the parts together.

You should be able to fit a square of plastic into each corner of the template, as shown in the following image.

You may need to trim the corner if the square is too long or too thin.

Make these parts as close to each other as possible so that they won’t scratch each other.

You could also try using an electrical tape to make the pieces stick together.

Make your first Lego block with the regular Lego bricks 3.

Cut out the template If you’ve made your first template, the next step is to cut out a template of your own.

The first thing you’ll probably want to do is make sure that you don’t have any parts that aren’t part of the original template.

You need to cut the pieces out of the Lego blocks, so that you’ll be able see the parts of the model you’re working with.

For this step, you’re going to use a sharp knife to cut each corner piece, so make sure to cut all the corners with a sharp object.

Once you have a template for each corner, you can start to make it into a little square.

The corner pieces are what make up the regular LEGO bricks.


Cut the corner pieces out Cut out each of the regular and special LEGO blocks by cutting the corners of the cardboard template you just made.

For each regular Lego block, cut out an extra corner piece.

This extra piece is what makes up the special version of the brick.


Cut all the pieces of the normal LEGO bricks out Cut each of your regular and extra LEGO blocks out to make an even grid.

You’re going for a square grid, so cut out two squares of cardboard.

This way, you won’t have to cut every corner.

When you’re done cutting out your normal and special bricks, you need only trim off a corner of one of the square grid pieces.

You don’t need to glue these pieces together, so they won and go. 4.

Cut and glue the LEGO bricks If you

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