LEGO Star Wars toys: How to buy them

Posted August 30, 2018 06:23:53The LEGO Star War series, the most popular series of toys for the entire LEGO series, has been around since 1997.

This year, the series has surpassed its record sales with a new record for the number of toys sold in a single day, set to be surpassed next month.

As of July 10, the new record was set for the most toys sold by a single product in a day.

That record now stands at 3,936,000, and is set to surpass the previous record of 3,735,000 set in 2018.

In other words, in just two months, Lego has surpassed the number that they’ve sold in the entire Star Wars series for the last 12 years.

The company also broke the previous records for the average number of new Lego sets that are sold per day, and the number bought per day.

The latest figures show that in August 2018, LEGO sold 4,813,000 units of the Star Wars set, while last year, LEGO shipped 3,728,000.

Both figures are still way below the record of 5,903,000 sold in January 2019, which was set in the month of June.

The first LEGO Star Force Starfighter figure sold out quickly in June 2018, but by the time of the new figures’ release in August, that figure had sold out.

Lego has not released figures of the forthcoming upcoming Star Wars Starfighter, but a few images have leaked.

The image shows the new figure with a blaster, but the blaster is not on the back of the figure.

Lego also has a few new Star Wars action figures coming out this year, with the first two coming out in September.

We have also seen some new figures for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery.

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