U.S. Marine Corps says it will sell off all of its military toys and armaments

The U.s.

Marine Corp said on Monday it would sell off its arms and toy divisions, amid a nationwide push to get more kids interested in science and technology.

The announcement came as the military and other U. and foreign firms pushed for more public support for their products.

The decision follows years of lobbying by the U.N. and others, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, to help reduce childhood obesity, according to a U.K.-based pediatrician who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The U.k.-based U.navy surgeon general also said the Pentagon’s decision to sell off the weapons was “not in keeping with the spirit of the Department of Defense’s commitment to the safety of children and their families.”

“I can assure you the decision reflects the values of the Marines and the Marine Corps and reflects the commitment of the people of the United States of America to ensuring the safety and security of our children,” Gen. John Richardson, the Marine chief of staff, said in a statement.

The Marine Corps said it would begin selling off its armaments and toy lines, including toy soldiers, tanks and artillery, starting this summer.

The department has already said it will stop selling toys that are designed to be played with, including Barbie and other dolls.

The sale of toys will be done by the military’s armaments division, which has a fleet of some 3,600 vehicles.

It also has a small armaments department that sells smaller weapons and vehicles.

Other armaments divisions in the Marine corps have been sold off in recent years as the U,N.

has urged other countries to reduce the amount of military equipment they sell.

But it remains unclear how many of those products will be sold off, according.

In 2015, the U-N launched a $2 billion fund to combat childhood obesity.

The effort included efforts to boost education for children and increase physical activity.

The fund, known as the Millennium Challenge Corporation, was launched with a goal of helping developing countries reduce their childhood obesity rates by 20 percent by 2020.

But the U.-N said it is not a guarantee.

The military, meanwhile, has also been grappling with a spike in obesity in recent decades, particularly among boys.

In the last decade, the obesity rate among U. S. boys has increased more than threefold.

The Marines’ announcement comes as the Marine Corp, the country’s biggest military, has been selling toys to schools and communities in a bid to raise awareness about the science of space travel and technology that can make it easier to move troops, ships and vehicles in space.

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