Beatings, sleep deprivation, menacing and other brutal tactics have led to persistent mental health problems among detainees held in secret C.I.A. prisons and at Guantánamo.
 Oh, Yahoo. We’re not just mad at you. We’re also really, really disappointed. First it took you two years to figure out that you were hacked by a nation-state. Then you allowed another nation-state — the US government — to scan all of your user’s emails … using a buggy Linux kernel module … without ever telling your security team. Seriously, Yahoo? Read More
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The remarks came one day before the Security Council is expected to vote on a call for a cease-fire in Aleppo, and the grounding of Russian and Syrian warplanes.
Verizon wants a $1 billion discount on the Yahoo deal, Facebook launches a standalone Events app, Poland is testing some roads that glow blue at night for cyclists, carriers are accepting Note 7 replacement trade-ins and Maserati is working on an electric vehicle. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
Some estimates said that more than 800 people had died in the storm, and passage to many areas remained blocked, thwarting efforts to help survivors.
 Panoramio, the location-centric photo sharing service Google acquired in 2007, will show its last image on November 4. For the longest time, Google used Panoramio to augment its Google Maps and Google Earth services with crowdsourced imagery. Now that the company has integrated photo uploads into the Google Maps mobile apps and launched its Local Guides program, Panoramio clearly isn’t… Read More
With an election coming, there is no longer any question about whether the country should tilt toward the West or toward its neighbor to the north.