Adam Draper and Brayton Williams launched in 2012 at a time when the accelerator market was beginning to burst at the seams with new entrants — some would say it was nearing saturation. In an effort to differentiate their approach and attract quality startups amidst the growing noise in Accelerator Land, the Boost founders decided to put a premium on experimentation. For the… Read More
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained his views on topics ranging from smartphones to cash return to shareholders. To understand how Apple will make decisions in the future, it’s important to parse his words and thoughts. Briefly below we’ll look at the financial and the strategic comments made by the technology executive. Strategic As has been recently pointed out by ZDNet’s Ed Bott, Apple generates more than half its revenue from the iPhone line of smartphones. No other product group at Apple breaks the 20 percent mark. Given that reali
Two Navy warships will be in the Black Sea during the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, next month, should they be needed to evacuate Americans, a Pentagon official said. is moving to accept Bitcoin as payment in 2014, the CEO told The Financial Times. Apparently the retailer has the ambition to become the first major online retailer to accept the digital currency. And it very well could be. No other major retailer has announced a similar plan yet. However, put away your digital wallet for the time being. The retailer doesn’t expect to start accepting Bitcoin until the second half of 2014, by which time, Dogecoin could eclipse its popularity. This announcement comes just days after a major shakeup in the Bitcoin ecosystem as China’s l
Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, 500px's new offices are expansive, impressive and just as laden with exposed brick and beams as anything you'll see south of Market in San Francisco. When we visited last week, they'd only been there a few days, and only about a quarter of the space was set up, but even so it was impressive, and fitting for a startup that's been on a tear since its seed funding round in 2011.
Parliament rejected legislation that would have let the jailed former prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, seek medical treatment in Germany.    
The numbers of portable blood glucose monitors linked to smartphones are exploding, given that there are some 26 million diabetics in the U.S. alone and hundreds of millions globally. Glooko is a startup in this space. It helps diabetics to record and monitor their blood sugar levels by connecting one of 17 FDA-approved glucose meters with their smartphone. Another is iHealth Lab out of Mountain View, Calif., which has a portable Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor that allows people to take a reading and have the results sync automatically to their iOS or Android device and stored in the